For Pups

Photo by Dana Howe

Photo by Dana Howe

Puppy Pops

Our Puppy Pops come in two flavors, Pumpkin and Banana, and are made from plain yogurt, peanut butter and either pumpkin or banana. Since many dogs are lactose intolerant, we use yogurt because the active cultures are beneficial to digestion. If your dog has an allergy to wheat, these are wheat-free!


Squirrels, our baked dog treat, are made primarily from spent barley malt (a by-product of brewing beer), which lends the treats a yummy toasty flavor. The other ingredients are eggs, vegetable oil, and stone-ground wheat flour. Set one of these next to a real squirrel and your dog will choose ours every time!

And speaking of dogs – although we love ‘em, the health Department has decreed no dogs allowed in the shop. Just tie them to the nice blue benches outside. Thanks.