The Dairy Godmother

Dear All,

While the almost 17 years of owning The Dairy Godmother have brought me great joy, I will not be reopening in the spring.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing The Dairy Godmother,the trademark,the domain,the equipment may email

I will read the mail when I get back to the U.S.


With enormous gratitude to those who helped in so many ways,



The Dairy Godmother

The Dairy Godmother


39 comments on “The Dairy Godmother
  1. Charlotte Dugan says:

    This is a favorite institution of my family, skipping dessert at local restaurants to go to Dairy Godmother. My daughter and her friends safely walk up, sans parents, to get a treat. You will be greatly missed.

  2. Sammie says:

    Liz: you know I have been a big booster, loyal customer, and (dare I say) friend since we welcomed you into the neighborhood as The Dreamery. Sad to hear this–what a loss for the neighborhood and beyond. I hope this means good new opportunities in your life and wish you the best!

  3. Robert Morgan says:

    Oh no!!! You’ve been such a strong business leader in Del Ray for so many years. My family members have been steady customers since your opening. I hope that the closing is because you want to retire and not because of poor health or problems with profitability. You deserve a very happy retirement, if that is what you are choosing now. I wish you all the best. –Bob former Wisconsin resident)

  4. Paige says:

    What! Noooooooooooo!

  5. Liz, what a loss for all of us who love you and your amazing shop. Please don’t be a stranger!

  6. Paige Hausburg says:

    Liz, I wish you well in your next endeavor. Hopefully, you are ready for retirement and “you” time. Thanks for hiring Maria for her first job!

  7. Lauren C. says:

    Liz, so sorry to hear (selfishly) but you have made a tremendous impact on the Avenue! Hard to believe what a pioneer you were 17 years ago and now an amazing institution. Thank you for believing and realizing your dream. We are the true beneficiaries.

    Good luck on your next adventure. You have certainly earned it!!

  8. Robert says:

    So Sorry to see you go! It was great to have had you and this service, there have been many smiles. We wish you the best and prayer for you.

  9. Margaret King says:

    Oh Liz,
    I hope you are retiring because you want to.
    I have always been proud to help in any small way I was able.
    I will miss you.

  10. Tony A says:

    Thank you for everything.
    Best wishes on your next adventure! MY fellow officers are bummed, but we are happy for you.
    Tony A.

  11. Mary McElveen says:

    Like everyone else, we are so sorry to see The Dairy Godmother go. It always represented to us what was best about Del Ray: community spirit, and a place to come together and enjoy life’s little pleasures. I hope that this means more time for you to do things you’ve wanted to do. No matter what happens with the store, whether someone takes up your creation or not, you have left your mark on Del Ray. Thank you!

  12. Stavrouls, John and Jackie says:

    Thank you for being part of our lives. Sunday afternoon treats and Holiday desserts. Your smile, remembering your customers and Puff the Magic Dragon. The A’s.

  13. Ruth says:

    Having Dairy Godmother as a “go to” has always meant so much, especially while you were there. You always are such an absolute delight. That statement translates to: although I will deeply miss your products, I am going to miss you so much more. I remember back to the days when you were a “Room Mom” for Rob’s class in 3rd grade. The beautiful pastries you would send in with him us all to enjoy. Our economics classes in your shop: producers to consumers meant so much to students who took part. You are a natural-born teacher!
    Conditions, goals, and outlooks all change as time goes by and we must change with them to meet life head-on. The tallest trees bend with the breeze, my friend.
    Wishing you the best life offers with your new adventure. Please keep in touch.

  14. Joey M says:

    Aw, jeez! Best of luck in whatever comes next! My wife and I will miss starting our evening walks with the treat of the day; but all good stories must come to an end.


  15. Kayla says:

    I live almost 4 hours away. I come up to visit my brother and always insist this be the one place I HAVE to go every time. Your lemon lavender sorbet is my favorite! So sad to see this go. But life always takes us on new adventures and I hope this adventure will treat you well!

  16. Nancy Gagnon says:

    Oh no!!!!. We moved to Old Town Alexandria three years ago. It is our favorite place to go to, especially for my husband who would use any excuse to go as often as possible. You will be sorely missed!!! We wish you well.
    Chuck and Nancy

  17. Frances Augustine says:

    Oh No ! This was one of my favorite places in Del Ray.
    I still remember when Liz would come by The Salvation Army Social Services on Belefonte Ave to give us cookies to give to our customers.
    It’s been a while since Betty Waites & I retired, but we still and always will remember. You will be missed.

  18. Frances Augustine says:

    Sorry, spelled Bellefonte wrong.

  19. Ann Nimmer says:

    Liz –

    There are no words. You connected me back to my home in Wisconsin in a special way – – – – – custard!! Thanks for all the goodness, the Raji Freezer, Frozen Tundra and all the many many flavors that I enjoyed too much! I wish you only happiness in the future, and if you have another Wisconsin-themed enterprise that you are working on, keep me in mind!!


  20. Spencer Cooper says:

    A uniquely refreshing treat after a long day. You will be missed.

  21. Steve says:

    What a shame! You were one of the original institutions responsible for the transformation of Mt. Vernon Ave. This long-time customer will miss you greatly and remember you fondly. Especially on hot summer evenings!

  22. Eric Wagner says:

    I am so sad that you will not reopen. You’ve been there almost the whole time our eldest child has been alive. She and her younger brother grew up with you.

    What a loss for Del Ray. 🙁

    All the best to you!

  23. Please, please – publish a book of your wonderful recipes so we don’t lose them forever!

  24. Michael Bergman says:

    What a tremendous loss to the neighborhood! We’ve been customers since our kids, now 20 and 23, were really young. They grew up on The Dairy Godmother. So sorry. I hope that this is a good thing for you, Liz.

  25. Sarah says:

    We still tell people all about your frozen custard and that the Dairy Godmother is a must visit when visiting even though we moved from that area 8 years ago. You have left our mouths dreaming for more. California could use a Dairy Godmother here. Wish you all the best with new adventures and endeavors.

  26. Michelle says:

    We love your wonderful custard shop and will really miss you. All the best.

  27. Peggy says:

    This makes me so sad… you and your shop will be deeply missed.

  28. Jane says:

    Thanks for all the years of deliciousness! I don’t think a week went by when we were not in your shop. We will miss you so much! Best wishes to you in the future!

  29. Patty Moran says:

    You have been so integral to the Del Ray community for so many years. We will so miss you Please enjoy the future.

  30. Tom and Edith Nardone says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful times visiting your store. Best wishes for whatever you’re doing next.

  31. David says:

    You and your wonderful staff will certainly be missed and my taste buds have gone into an extended mourning period. Hopefully someone will take you up on the offer to buy the business and continue the dairy magic.

  32. Vivian says:

    Liz- when we were looking for a house to by and saw your store front I knew your from Wisconsin and I knew this was the neighborhood for us. Thank you for giving this Wisconsin family a bit of home — your treats were the best. I remeber serving your icecream sandwiches to Tom Sietsma at my house and him raving about them! Also your mango sorbet got me through chemo. Love you. Thank you for being such a big part of this great neighborhood!

  33. Marshall says:

    We took our son Doc to Alexandria almost four years ago to go through a therapy with Spectrum Pediatrics to wean him from a feeding tube. Your ice cream was a savior to us and him. He ate your ice cream everyday for over a week which helped him learn and enjoy to eat. I would have waited in your line for days for that deliciousness. Thank you for your service. You will be missed, but not forgotten!

  34. Jennifer Mason says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you are closing. My children and I love your custard so much. Coming to your shop was a special treat- thank you for the delicious custards and sorbet and fun atmosphere. I received several gift certificates to the Dairy Godmother for Christmas (a few weeks ago). Any chance we could get refunded for them? Thanks and good luck!

  35. Kenyon says:

    I guess we can call you the Del Ray Dreamery again, with a clear conscience. We will miss you, but we’re happy for you.

  36. Dashed Dreamery says:

    Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me! This news sent me into yet another cycle of panic and denial! Is there a dark website where I might get my coconut custard fix?! Best wishes in your next chapter!

  37. David says:

    We ate so much at the Dreamery when my wife was pregnant I think our kids were 8% custard when they were born. Thank you for the years if tasty treats.

  38. Ira and dog friends says:

    Thank you for the joy you gave to so many. To me and to all my dogs who loved your puppy pops. Best wishes for your next li

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