Good Morning, Sunshine

The sun is coming back out, and the Dairy Godmother is ready. We’re back in action with our renowned Wisconsin-Style Frozen Custard, delicious dairy-free Sorbets, and exotic Ice Pops!

We’re looking forward to all the seasonal happening in March, like Daylight Savings on the 13th, which gives us more hours of light to eat custard by! And Pi Day on the 14th, in all its crusty, gooey glory! And St. Patrick’s day on the 17th, which means we’ll be whipping up fresh soda bread for the whole week prior so you can stock up.  To top it off, Spring Breaks galore will bring lots of young blood back in to town just as Spring officially begins! It promises to be an absolutely packed month and we are pumped.

So throw on a bib and come tuck in down in Del Ray; we’re here for you!


Photo by Lois Kim


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