May the Custard be With You!

Looking forward into the summer, we have some exciting news! Aside from all the usual folderol about our delicious Wisconsin-Style Frozen Custard, which comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and the oh-so-lovely Flavour of the Day. And the fancy new flavours for our Exotic Ice Pops! Oh, and the Puppy Pops for your best friend! Aside from those things; news.

We’ll be open for Mother’s Day, of course. Usual hours for Sunday the 10th of May will be 12 noon to 9 pm, so don’t disappoint Mom by showing up at 9:15! If Frozen Custard Cake is what you’re into, you can email us ahead to reserve one, or just drop by and grab it. Early birds take the cake!

Special for Mother’s Day we’re also 7offering a Some For Now And Some For Later deal! Come on in to get a Box of Truffles and a $5 Gift Certificate for just $15.

The Biggest News Of All comes to you on Memorial Day. Starting on Memorial Day we’ll have new hours for the summer:

Mondays and Tuesdays 12-9 pm

Wednesday-Sunday 12-10 pm

That’s a whole extra hour on Sunday nights, and NINE on Tuesdays! Enjoy these sweet, sweet Dairy Godmother Bonus Hours until White goes out of fashion and the cows come home on Labor Day.

  • Closed Tuesday's.