Spring is here!

After a long and cold winter it appears that spring is finally here.  With the arrival of spring comes the blossoming of the Cherry Blossom trees.  On April 4th and 5th we will be serving our Cherry Blossom custard to celebrate.  We will be closed later in the month on April 20th (Sunday), 21st (Monday), and the 22nd (Tuesday, as usual).

As you notice the green of the growing plants in Alexandria you may notice that the Dairy Godmother has introduced our new stainless steel dishes and spoons for our frozen treats.


In an effort to provide our treats in a more environmentally friendly way we will now be putting some of our treats in reusable dishes.  You can help in the transition by informing your custard scooper that your order will be enjoyed in the store (of course you can still take your custard to go in our plastic cups if need be.)  When you are finished with your treat there are two stations within the store with tubs for the used dishes to be washed and sanitized by our staff.


Also in the spirit of reusable products, the Dairy Godmother has begun using our kitchen scraps to be composted.  Every Saturday we donate our compost collection at the Del Ray Farmer’s market.  You can do so too if you wish to!


As the weather warms up we look forward to seeing you at the Dairy Godmother!



  • Closed Tuesday's.