Hollyday Season

We get pretty excited about our December flavours here at the Dairy Godmother. We get to do the fancy ones that we can’t do during the summer including special seasonal ones like Gingerbread and the ever-popular Peppermint Stick.

Again this year we are making available Buches de Noël and Frozen Custard Cakes in the Eggnog, Starry Night, and Peppermint Varieties. Treat your guests to a lovely assortment on a big homemade Cookie Platter!

We have fun Holiday Crackers for sale too, with confetti, crowns, toys, and jokes inside. They make a great Christmas morning tradition and add well to the cacophony of New Year’s Eve!

We have new Puzzles, too! The new ones are 1,000-piece beauties with pictures of the Scottish Christmas Walk, the Masonic Temple by night, and a new one of the shop’s interior. Puzzles make good gifts are a great way to bond with those family members you don’t see as much!

Hollyday Treats Flyer (pdf)

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