Fall in!

The lovely days of Autumn are upon us, bringing the break from Summer’s doldrums for which we’ve been so longing. Step on down to The Dairy Godmother for some Wisconsin-style Frozen Custard, a delicious treat for any occasion. We have Vanilla and Chocolate flavors every day, as well as an extra-fancy Flavor of the Day! You can find a calendar of upcoming flavors here. We also keep an assortment of fresh and fruity homemade Sorbets on hand and we’re inventing new and exotic Ice Pops all the time. We encourage you to try all the Pops with our Buy 9 Get 1 Free deal!

While we appreciate the steady custom of both locals and those extra out-of-towners over the Summer we look forward heartily to the days when the farmers bring apples, pears, quinces, and concord grapes to our suburban hamlet. The special baked Treats of the Day and fancy cookies and delicious pops will make your hearts sing! I’m so ready for some Apple Crisp, complete with a scoop of Vanilla…

Liz was featured on the American Food Roots project! The editors ask “Why do we eat what we eat?” and Liz told them all about the history and the magic of Frozen Custard. Check out the full article here.

Autumn also heralds the coming of Art on the Avenue to Del Ray for the 27th year in a row! On Saturday, October 5th this year hundreds of artists and foodies and whatnot will appear on the Avenue! This means no parking on Mt. Vernon from 7a-7p, but we’ll be open 11am-10pm; a little longer than usual.

One comment on “Fall in!
  1. Linda says:

    My son & daughter in law treated me last week to this superizing treat after dinner. I have a huge sweet tooth and this place was very effective at satisfying my craving. I had the brownie sundae and it was amazing right down to the homemade cream topping! I was very impressed with the taste and as we were leaving it was filled with happy families and regular’s. Five stars for flavor and ambiance.

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