Spring into Action!

Welcome back Custardites!

As anyone who’s in the know is surely aware, the Dairy Godmother is back in full swing. We look forward to another great season of flavor exploration and newness of experience!

For those new to the neighborhood, the Dairy Godmother serves up lots of fabulous treats, with our Wisconsin-style Frozen Custard as the kingpin! We have Vanilla and Chocolate flavors every day, as well as an extra-fancy Flavor of the Day. You can find a calendar of the upcoming flavors here. If custard’s not your thing we also keep several flavors of handmade fruit Sorbets on board and we’re inventing new and exotic Ice Pops all the time!

To expel any lingering reservations let me mention just a few things that may appear in our Bakery Case of homemade delights. Brownies, Ginger cookies, Marshmallows, Almond Tuiles, Hazelnut-Chocolate Chunk Shortbread, Dark Chocolate-Chocolate Chip cookies, and the ever-sought Oaties. Most days we also offer a Treat of the Day, like a cobbler or cake, but you’ll have to drop by to find out what it will be!

New things and limited offers pop up frequently around here, so if you want to keep your finger to the pulse check out our Facebook page and follow Liz on Twitter @DairyGodmother.

See ya round!

  • Closed Tuesday's.