The End is Near!

The Mayans were close but the end will come on January 7th when The Dairy Godmother closes (temporarily). Sunday January 6th will be our last day until Wednesday February 13th. It’s a cold long winter but before we go… Comes the Packer game!

 It’s a big day to be from Wisconsin!  The Dairy Godmother will be open our usual 12-10pm on Saturday January. Show your colors!

The Flavor of the Day will be Frozen Tundra – green and gold. Do you need to know more? Not really but I will tell you that it is lime with a lemon swirl.  Meet your peeps for a cup or a cone to get in the mood for the big game (Like you need help with that but whatever. Call it pre-pre-game festivities.) Take a quart home or to a party!  Place your prediction of the final score in the Cheesehead and win a $20 gift certificate! Saturday only.



Order your Brats for Saturday!


We will have green tote bags serving 4 or 8 people which include:  Johnsonville brats which have been pre-cooked in the “batter” a la Sheboygan, German Potato salad Kraut with apples, dark mustard, green & gold sprinkles, touch down blaster, and page of trivia (for before kick off).  Add  Sprecher soda by case, 4pk, or bottles, and some Frozen Tundra.  Small tote bag (4 people) $27.50 and large (8 people) $49.00.


Brats and sides are TO GO only (as in GO PACK GO!). Pick it up cold and take it home for the game and sear in a pan or grill out later.

  • Please order ahead by emailing us. Pick-ups between 12 and 6pm.


Go Pack Go!


  • Closed Tuesday's.