Holly-Days are Upon Us!

Sorry, we are no longer accepting special orders! Have a great holiday season. We still have our regular pre-made items available for sale at the stop.

As the festive season comes into full swing, don’t forget about those sweet treats for your family and guests! We have many different offerings this month, from fancy Bûches de Noël to light and fluffy Marshmallows.  We have flyers in the shop describing all the Treats available, or you can see them on this page below. To order, you can click the link below, call the shop, or stop by and ask the staff to fill out a form for you!

While you’re at the shop, get some Christmas Crackers for extra cheer! A traditional British party favor, these colorfully wrapped tubes open with a CRACK! (BANG! POP!) and each contains a nifty toy, a whimsical paper crown, a hilarious joke, and very messy confetti. Some even have a special Dairy Godmother prize inside!

If you’re interested in a bit of light charity work, we’ve got just the thing.  We need people to hang out in front of the shop during the day on weekends (or whenever you like) and ring the bell for our neighbors up the street, the Salvation Army. Please call or email ahead to set up a time so we don’t have too much overlap. Each ringer gets a free hot cocoa from the Godmom so they don’t freeze on the job!

Submit your order online today!

Frozen Custard Bûche de Noël

Traditional French Yule log with a twist.  Chocolate custard and chocolate roulade rolled into a log shape.  Decorated with meringue mushrooms and chocolate leaves.

One size: $24.95 (Serves 8)

Frozen Custard Cakes

One size: $21.95 (Serves 6-8)

  • Eggnog Custard cake: eggnog custard between layers of gingerbread with caramel topping.  Decorated with gingerbread creatures.
  • Starry Night cake: chocolate custard with white chocolate chunks between layers of chocolate cake with a hot fudge glaze.  Decorated with star-shaped cookies.
  • Peppermint Stick cake: candy cane custard between layers of chocolate cake with a hot fudge glaze.  Decorated with mini candy canes.

Frozen Truffles

Assorted flavors of gelato or sorbet hand-dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

Box of Six: $10.95

Holiday Cookie Platters

Great for parties or corporate giving.  Platters will include (at least) gingerfolks and critters, flavored homemade marshmallows, and decorated shortbreads.

One size: $22.95 (Serves 12-16)

Homemade Marshmallows

Box of twelve assorted homemade marshmallows tied with a festive ribbon.  Perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, and co-workers.  Flavors vary.

Box of Twelve: $7.95

  • Closed Tuesday's.