Autumnal Changes

Autumn has fallen, and the change of season means many things here at the Dairy Godmother. We’ll still have our usual Vanilla and Chocolate Wisconsin-style Frozen Custard every day (except Tuesdays, when we’re closed), but the special Flavors of the Day are more nuanced than the Summer ones. Click theFlavor Forecast link to see just what tasty and interesting Fall flavors we have in store!

The return of the Cookie Case is a big deal in Del Ray, and it brings many boons. Who doesn’t like Marshmallows, Oaties, Ginger-Molasses cookies, Macaroons, Buttered Pecans, and the old standby Chocolate Chip?  Be on the lookout for even fancier treats like Pumpkin Moon Pies or Hazelnut Shortbreads, since they go fast when we make them! We also have some of the more delicate Sorbets this time of year when the shop is less crowded. As of October 12th we have Pear Vanilla, Blackberry Merlot, Apple Cider, and Lime Mint.

One of the more subtle changes this year is to the Website itself. Our tech-savvy webmaster Alex has been hard at work making the site more smartphone friendly, so get out there and give it a try! Look for us on Facebook and Twitter, too; there are plenty of ways to find that flavor!

Even though the sun’s not so hot, we still have a wide assortment of our Pop Culture! exotic, made-right-here ice pops available. Right now we have, among others: Boysenberry, Blueberry Lavender Cream, Pineapple 5 Spice, and a Peanut Butter and Jelly pop made with local Concord Grapes! Also, Frozen Custard Cakes are still available all the time for special occasions! We usually have some around for Walk-Ins, but if you’re planning ahead for a cakey event, you can shoot us an email to reserve a cake and have us write your message on it!

We at the Dairy Godmother just love our dogs, so we bring home some crunchy whole wheat and barley Squirrels and plenty of frozen Puppy Pops. Did you know that many of the pops are made by students at St. Coletta’s school? AND that some proceeds from Puppy Pop sales go to the PAL organization of therapy animals?  Well, now you do!

Mark your calendar and bring a costume to the ever-popular 15th Annual Del Ray Halloween Parade on Sunday the 30th.  Remember, the Avenue will be blocked off that afternoon, so there will be no parking out front. Lastly, don’t forget to visit Del Ray for the weekly Del Ray Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings (8am – noon) all year round for local produce and goodies!

One comment on “Autumnal Changes
  1. Mac says:

    The only thing better than your message, is your custard.
    The only thing better than your custard is you.
    On of your longest term fans.

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