School’s IN!

Summer may be on its way out but school season has just begun, and if it’s been a rough day at school or work, there’s no better way to chill than with some Wisconsin-style Frozen Custard! We’ll have Vanilla and Chocolate flavors every day (except Tuesdays, when we’re closed) as well as a special Flavor of the Day. Click theFlavor Forecast link to see just what’s coming up so you know when the time is ripe for you to pounce! We also have some amazingly refreshing and fruity Sorbets, most of them dairy free for those who can’t handle the cream. Flavors change too fast to mention, so just stop by and taste ’em; they’re all good!

Or, if you’ve had a super awesome day and need to celebrate, we also have dense and delicious layered Frozen Custard Cakes available all the time, entirely made and decorated here in the shop.  We always try have several available for walk-ins, but if you’re planning ahead for a cakey event, you can shoot us an email to check flavor availability or to reserve a cake and have us write your message on it!

Don’t forget about Pop Culture! We have a wide assortment of these exotic, made-right-here ice pops available for those that want a break from the Turtle Sundae or small Vanilla cake cone they always get.  Some have dairy, some don’t; some are fruity, some creamy, some flowery, but all are delectable! Right now, as I’m typing (8/8), we have Arnold Palmer, Mango Sticky Rice, Nectarine, Peaches & Cream, Elderflower, Peach Champagne, Watermelon with Mint, and Lime-Jalapeno. We also have an Apricot-Saffron pop sweetened only with local honey! Flavors change as they get eaten, so come in soon if you see something you like because the next batch is sure to be something new and different!

In case you didn’t know, we at the Dairy Godmother just love our dogs. It’s too bad we can’t have them in the shop, because if we could they’d be here all the time!  To make up for it we bring home some crunchy whole wheat and barley Squirrel snacks and plenty of frozen Puppy Pops to help them cool off after a hot day of chasing the real squirrels.  Did you know our Puppy Pops are made of yummy yogurt, peanut butter, and fruit? And that many of them are made by students at St. Coletta’s school? AND that some proceeds from Puppy Pop sales go to the PAL organization of therapy animals?  Well, now you do!

We will be OPEN on Labor Day, the 5th of September from noon ’til 9 pm, with American classic Strawberry flavor custard.  We’re also looking forward to Art on the Avenue on the 1st of October, after which will be the return of  the cookie case (and Oaties)! Lastly, don’t forget to visit Del Ray for the weekly Del Ray Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings (8am – noon) all year round for local produce and goodies!

  • Closed Tuesday's.