December at the Dairy Godmother

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving,filled with Family,friends and food!

  So much happens here in December!

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army is being scheduled already.We are covering all weekends from noon until 6pm. THis is our third year of helping the Salvation Army raise money by finding our own bell ringers.Please email or call to donate an hour of your time to help the needy.How about signing up as a group? Girl or boy scouts,church group,poker buddies,book group! Please help.It’s fun to talk to the Dairy Godmother customers,too! Sign up or we will just sign you up ourselves!


   Holiday Treat fliers will be out by December 4th.Stop in and pick one up or watch this space!

Oh my gosh,too! Putting the winter 45s in the juke box! Love this time of year!

Settle down in front of the TV on December 26th to watch an episode of Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel featuring us! Nothing says Christmas like frozen desserts!

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