Autumn is Upon Us (fingers x’d!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the fresh peaches we’ve been getting from D&S Farms.  Just like the Summer, though, the peaches will soon be coming to an end.  So come in for peach sorbet or peach cobbler while it lasts!

We’re sure looking forward to cooler breezes, less humidity, and football games.  We’re also excited about the start of apple season.  Our friends Hillary & Bill (no, not those two, the REAL Hillary & Bill) have been kind enough to pick some apples for us to make apple cider sorbet.  They brought us Honeycrisps and we also have some Mackintosh apples from Milburn Farm.   Delightful!

Now that school is back in session, starting on September 13th and 14th we’ll be closing earlier on Sunday and Monday nights.   We’ll close at 8 pm those nights.   We’ll still open at noon so that will give you plenty of time to get in here and get  your frozen custard or sorbet before watching your NFL team of choice (Go Packers!).

So, here’s the fall schedule!

Sunday:  Noon – 8 pm

Monday:  Noon – 8 pm

Tuesday:  Closed

Wednesday:  Noon – 10 pm

Thursday:  Noon – 10 pm

Friday:  Noon – 10 pm

Saturday:  Noon – 10 pm

One comment on “Autumn is Upon Us (fingers x’d!)
  1. Jeff says:

    I recently tried your “rice pudding” frozen custard — I’ve probably tried twenty of your flavors of the day and I think that this one is the best so far. It was the perfect combination of plump sweet raisins, flavorful but not overpowering spices, delightfully textured moist rice, and of course the famous frozen custard! Truly a work of art. I hope you include it in your rotation more often.

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