Dementor’s Kiss Returns! Tuesday & Wednesday 14th and 15th

patronusThe long anticipated Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince approaches release.

On Tuesday July 14th from 6 til 10pm, the eve of the release, and Wednesday the 15th from 12-10pm, we will be celebrating with Dementor’s Kiss frozen custard, a hauntingly blue color with star and moon sprinkles.

Customers in costume (The real deal, please! Not just scar or glasses!) will receive a certificate for a free cone good after Wednesday the 15th!

Lightning bolt cookies and Dementor’s Kiss frozen custard cakes for pre or apres movie partys. Please email us to reserve a cake or cookies by the dozen.

For a very limited time The Dairy Godmother’s wands will be in the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin house colors.

Do a good deed by throwing your spare change into the roiling cauldron and it will be matched by The Dairy Godmother herself and donated to children literacy.

Do come. It’s wicked fun!

  • Closed Tuesday's.